A Green Earth – Our Take

Living in an age where it has become easy to throw caution to the wind in the name of freedom, it has also become pertinent that we take drastic measures to ensure the sustenance of life and our home – the earth.

The industrial revolution has brought with it many outstanding and life-changing inventions. We have redefined how we live by creating technology and products to make our lives simpler and more effective. On the flip side, this revolution has also brought with it unforeseen consequences by virtue of the choices we have made as we developed.

With the upsurge of industrialisation, the necessity and hunger for fuel to keep us moving has been extreme. Wars have sprung up in a bid to control territories that house the fuels for daily life. With a great part of the world’s industries being powered by fossil fuels, we have led ourselves to the point where we are choking on the fumes or our supposed successes. The ozone layer is being depleted just as quickly as we are innovating. The sad truth is that our innovations have been south of protecting and maintaining the shield makes the earth good enough for our habitation.

The horrible truth though is that global warming cannot be reversed. But we can stop it. Slowing it down is not even an option. Stopping it entirely should be our goal because there was once a time when there was nothing like global warming. We believe that if everybody decided to make little changes in lives, the earth will start healing and our home can be great again.

At The Greens, we have taken it upon ourselves to start the initiative to get our community to tow the line of green living and sustainability. We have integrated solar power across our landscape and each house homes fitted with solar power as well. We have been able to achieve this without raising the cost of our homes which truly makes a difference considering the prices of property across the country. It is then no fluke that our work has been recongnised and we were awarded the Best Property Investment Award 2017. We do no only want to build a great community, but also one that stands of values each home owner can be proud to be part of.

The Ghana Property Awards 2017

At The Greens, we are on a course to sustainable living. We are encouraging our community to do same. But to achieve a greater result, we all have to do what falls to us. To everyone individual and organisation leading yourselves in the way of keeping a green earth, we say cheers! To those who haven’t come aboard yet, we say “Why not? It’s about time…let’s do this!“.

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