Ghana is a fantastic African vacation destination. Aside from being a land of liberty and opportunity, the West African country has a tropical environment, valuable natural resources, diverse cultures, and a warm, hospitable, and welcoming citizenry. It's no surprise that Ghana has recently grown in popularity as a vacation destination,

Many Ghanaians, both business owners and ordinary citizens are concerned about the recent depreciation of the Ghanaian cedi in relation to the US dollar and other foreign currencies.  The cost of building materials, as well as importation duties, have had an impact on the real estate market, but the sector continues

The popular adage in real estate investing holds that the most important factor to consider when investing in the housing market is location. Nonetheless, as demand in the housing market continues to rise, homebuyers are most likely to settle for any house that hits the market.  Irrespective, homebuyers who own properties

Inflation has had a wide-ranging impact on Ghana's real estate sector, but it is still rising as an investment option that investors can use to combat the general drop in spending money.   Despite the inflationary pain, now may be a good time to buy a home if you can afford the

The days of owning property primarily through inheritance and years of saving are long gone. For many people, owning a home remains one of the most important obligations of adulthood. As such, many banks offer new financial and product services that allow customers to acquire completely constructed homes or, better yet,

Houses for sale in Accra within gated communities have grown in popularity among real estate developers over the years. They are to some extent the ideal homes preferred by many families and individuals due to the privacy, security and peace of mind homeowners enjoy. The sense of safety and security

  In some ways, pets are our best companions. They are simply adorable because of their selflessness, their laughter, and their funny and annoying quirks.  Nevertheless, we often leave them behind when relocating, whether permanently or temporarily. They are usually not the ideal plus one in all situations. That notwithstanding, visiting Ghana shouldn’t

Visitors and travellers to Ghana can enjoy a variety of fun activities and experience life in the beautiful country. In Accra, the Capital City, fun and a list of activities never seem to run out, depending on your definition of pleasure. Accra is considered an ideal vacation destination by some. It

Electronic transactions have been the norm in Ghana since the introduction of mobile banking by Guaranty Trust Bank Ghana Limited (GT Bank) on the 13th of March 2006.  Alongside this, a merchant payment service was launched by MTN Ghana in January 2017 to increase mobile transactions in markets and drive financial