The Case for Green Living

The Case for Green Living

It’s on the news and it’s evident around us: we know that there is an imbalance in today’s climate across the globe. Can this imbalance be reversed? No, but we can stop it if we take the right precautions. Global warming has been on the rise for a long time now and though some parts of the world are more heavily hit by the effects, eventually, we will all have to put up equally with the effects. Among the proposed ways we can cut down on this menace, green living has stood out as an option we can all adopt with ease. Going green has become so important that we cannot ignore its potential to reduce the negative impact of global warming. Let’s consider some cases why we need to go green.

The Environmental Case

The consistent degradation of the environment which has led to a steady destabilisation of the earth’s ecosystem has rendered our planet a body with a cancer. Though several mitigations have been proposed, few have been adopted and the menace of global warming continues to propagate.

Droughts, reduced agricultural yields, receding vegetation, etc. are evident around us. We cannot expect different results doing the same old things.

In a perfect ecosystem as the earth’s, global warming serves us a threat of living with unthinkable consequences if we do nothing about it. With rising temperatures, unstable weather, rising ocean levels, acidification of the ocean, oxygen depletion, rising ocean temperatures, etc., we cannot stand back and watch.

The Health Case

When the ecosystem takes a hit, every element in the system takes a hit. The earth’s flora and fauna will become defective and as we consume these unwholesome products, we become defective too.

The rise in global temperatures have brought about a series of recurring heat waves which have claimed lives, caused severe sunburns and has been attributed to some forms of developing skin cancers.

The Financial Case

Implementing solutions to the problems and challenges we face require tremendous financial inputs. On an individual level, rising temperatures means that you have to invest more in cooling solutions whether for your home or car. You will have to crank up your air conditioner, use the cooling fans more often, use more water to stay cool, etc. In a case of failing health, you need to put a lot of money towards healthcare – both to prevent and cure.  With droughts happening so often, the price of water goes up and everything else becomes more expensive.

Our Take

Consequently, we at THE GREENS have opted to contribute to saving the planet no matter how small. All our units come pre-installed with a solar panel and a 5KV battery storage to back up the power from  the grid. Since the system is expandable, you can add more solar panels, increase the batter capacity and actually switch to solar power as your primary source of electricity.

We have opted for solar-powered streetlights so we cut our dependence on the grid. This reduces the community’s electrical bills and saves our tenants money. So our approach achieves the following:

  • Savings – both for our tenants and the company. For the tenants, a lower electricity bill means you can put what you save towards other needs. For the company, it means we can put what we save into addressing other necessities of the community thereby creating a better standard of living. With a reduced cost of operation, it’s a win-win for everyone.
  • Sustainability – of the community and what we provide. With solar power, you are guaranteed power around the clock irrespective of whether the electricity grid servers power or not.

Having seen what we stand to lose, it is a wake-up call to us all to do what we can to save our one big home sweet home. It falls to us all develop an awareness of the our present world – what is was,  what it is today and what could become of it tomorrow. This way, we can all contribute our quota to save the planet – your case for going green.