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The Advantages of Having a Private Neighbourhood

The Advantages of Having a Private Neighbourhood

Houses for sale in Accra within gated communities have grown in popularity among real estate developers over the years. They are to some extent the ideal homes preferred by many families and individuals due to the privacy, security and peace of mind homeowners enjoy. The sense of safety and security provided by these communities helps residents feel comfortable living there and give room to relax and unwind after work. 

Residents of gated communities equally have access to private clubs, swimming pools, and tennis courts, however, just a few gated residential communities in Ghana make good investments, therefore, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision to avoid future regrets. Here are a few reasons why you should live in a gated community.

  • It gives a sense of safety and security. 

For starters, if you live in a neighbourhood where crime rates are high, you might not feel safe walking alone at night. You might probably worry about being robbed or assaulted while driving through the neighbourhood. However, living in a gated community will give you peace of mind as residents enjoy the benefits of having a private entrance, a secure yard, and a 24/7 guardhouse.

Many residents in a gated community enjoy the benefits of living in a gated community because they feel safe and secure. This feeling of safety and security helps them relax and focus on their daily lives. It also provides them with a sense of belonging and pride in their neighbourhood.

  • It provides isolation and exclusivity 

Watching the sunrise from your balcony at the Cypress is just one of many activities available in a gated community. The opportunity to enjoy isolation and minimal interference from the outside world is another benefit that gated communities bring. Even while detached houses for sale in Accra provide a sense of presence in the community, the odds of enjoying one’s space are great, especially in a gated neighbourhood.

Furthermore, living in a gated community encourages knowing who your neighbours are and who your visitors are. It, therefore, provides a sense of security and promotes familiarity.

  • It allows people to socialise with others who have similar interests.

Children who live in a gated community have an advantage. Socializing with the children of parents who share similar interests offers advantages since it allows parents to watch their children’s activities while also ensuring their safety at all times.

Furthermore, certain residential communities in Accra that regularly conduct events such as barbecues parties and the like create a welcoming setting for parents to bond. These may eventually lead to beneficial relationships such as commercial prospects or a pleasant babysitting schedule to benefit both families.

  • High Investment Returns

For community inhabitants, many gated communities provide multipurpose sports courts, swimming pools, clubhouses, and fitness centres. These characteristics, along with the property’s location, have a significant impact on investment results. As a result, if you want to buy a property in a gated community purely for investment purposes, the return will be higher than for properties in non-gated communities.

Buyers want and are willing to pay for a secure, premium, and safe environment.


To conclude, thorough diligence is advised while purchasing the proper neighbourhood. Despite this, Eden Residence, an award-winning real estate company, has sold out five of its projects and presently has four and five-bedroom detached residences for sale in Community 25.